In early 2015, we decided to sell our home in Smithville and move to Stoney Creek. As we weren’t in a rush to sell, we chose to take the time and have different brokers meet with us in our home. Due to familiarity with the market on the region we chose to meet with Wayne first. He was very accommodating to our schedule and when we met he quickly displayed the characteristics of honesty and frankness to my wife and I. We could instantly tell that he would be a good fit for selling our home. Regardless of that fact, we met a few more brokers from the Niagara Region. It was pretty obvious to us that our best choice was Wayne so we moved forward.
Upon signing, Wayne immediately put his plan in motion, reviewing the house and providing feedback through his team members. Based on his team’s recommendations, we did a small amount of staging and our home was on the market within a week or so. Wayne provided updates to us on a very regular basis and stayed committed to selling our home.
Our home was sold within a couple of weeks and Wayne was instrumental in assisting us with negotiating our best deal. As it sold a lot earlier than we expected, it was important for us to negotiate a closing date that would accommodate our new home closing. We had a very serious offer, it would have been easy for Wayne to recommend the sell but instead he supported our every need and remained a big part of our team negotiating to our best interests instead of just considering his.
Overall, working with Wayne was a pleasant and very successful endeavor and we sold at 98% list. I would recommend his services in a heartbeat and will most definitely contact Team Schilstra if I were to sell again.

Regards, John Goffredo and Tammy Chaput