Buyer’s Guide: Step 3


After you have a good picture of what your mortgage approval will look like, the fun finally begins!

It’s time to start thinking about what your house could be. While searching, you will find that there are many beautiful homes on the market. Keep in mind the limit for which you can qualify to purchase a home. It is very easy to become excited about features found in homes out of your range.

Also, take a moment to decide what features are requirements and which features are extras. It is important that you select a home that truly meets your needs before getting caught up in extra features.

We will create a custom search based on your criteria. Then, we will set up automatic emails that will be sent to you the second a home that meets your needs is listed. In fact, you’ll be getting information on listed homes up to 48 hours before they show up on! You’ll be able to view the home as soon as we can arrange an appointment. This will enable you to act swiftly in a competitive industry.