We are looking forward to one open house this coming Saturday, May 28th. Please join us at our new upcoming rural listing on South Grimsby Rd 16.

The open house at 9731 Regional Road 20 has been cancelled.

There is an interim update to the Niagara Region transportation plan – you can find it here. Together with the report on the survey conducted this makes for interesting reading.

Source: Niagara Region Online Consultation Survey #1 

It appears that most of us share the same priorities – we would like a more efficient means for travelling throughout Niagara and get that Niagara Go train working – to reach not only the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Ares but also Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo. June, as you may recall, is the date set in the Ontario budget to announce the details about the #NiagaraGO project.

You may want to ponder the challenges Municipalities face as you note today’s announcement by Microsoft and Facebook on their new transatlantic cable. Start date: August 2016 Completion: October 2017. (View this segment on Bloomberg Canada explaining the significance of the cable and the issues facing Canadians) So long before rural Ontario will have their high-speed fibre optic regional broadband network.

Be that as it may – we are looking forward to enjoying the summer in Niagara. Ontario’s Local Food Week is from June 6 to 12 in 2016 and most importantly  June 10 to 19 is Ontario Craft Beer Week in 2016! check out the resources at greenbeltfresh to make the most of these celebrations. Hopefully, the double dose of antioxidants and hops in the fresh craft beer will help us digest the Niagara GO budget news.

Enjoy your weekend. – The Wayne Schilstra Team

Local Events Not To Be Missed !

Grimsby Farmers’ Market

FARM TO TABLE STREET FEAST:  The first ever Street Feast will be held during the longest day of the year.  Market Vendors will work with local chefs to create a “farm to table” sit down dinner right in the middle of Main Street during the market on Thursday June 23.