Update – April 2016

While it looks like the improvements to the communications network are moving ahead with some speed, Niagara will be kept waiting for the GO. Details about the Niagara Go project will be made public in June of this year. Meanwhile the Niagara Region is completing a Transportation Master Plan. Stay tuned for updates on this site.

 Open House !

Niagara Region, the Township of West Lincoln and the SWIFT project team are hosting an open house for residents and businesses to meet the project team, explore the SWIFT project and provide feedback on Niagara’s unique opportunities and challenges in implementing the project.

  • Date: Thursday April 21, 2016
  • Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
  • Location:West Lincoln Public Library – Caistorville Branch 9549 York St., Caistorville


February 2016

It’s been an exciting week for the Niagara Region. Two events of relevance to our real estate property values:

First, the announcement made by Niagara Go work group about the progress they have made to push the province into considering the expansion of GO Rail service into Niagara.

If you are following the Niagara GO page on Facebook you may have been surprised this week by a new post. ( The last dating back to October 29th of last year).

The Niagara Go work group has put together the business case for including the Niagara Region into the GO Transit daily commuter rail service and is now waiting for the news from Queen’s Park. ( source: Niagara News)

A target date as early as 2017 is mentioned. To keep up to date on this issue – follow @NiagaraGO on twitter. Hashtag: #NiagaraGO

Second, the decision by the Niagara Region to join SWIFT and we quote:

“The South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) initiative is a project to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic Internet network for everyone in Western Ontario and Niagara. The project is being led by a partnership of 16 regional and local municipalities in Southern Ontario.

The project’s aim is to provide access to fibre-optic high-speed Internet access for 3.5 million Ontarians living in rural areas.” (Source: Niagara Region Website)

There is still time to take the survey, if you are one of the many residents who dream of uninterrupted, reasonably fast internet access: Link to Niagara Region Survey. This one has a longer deadline though. The first quarter of 2016 will be spent doing the assessment. SWIFT itself sees the coverage at 100% in 2040.

To follow on twitter: #broadbandforeveryone and @networkswift.

Given this time frame, if you are a resident of Fenwick, you will be happy to hear the new library will be completed by the Fall of 2016.  You can admire the design and details on the City of Pelham website.